Dutch Boosting Group assumes that everything in society has a relationship with each other. For example, every cog is part of a larger whole and every step in a process has a relationship with the previous or next step. Are you well versed in this philosophy and do you want to bring added value to our customers together with colleagues from the Dutch Boosting Group? Then read on.

Our customers find us with questions about system thinking, for example we participate in large and appealing projects and implementation processes in organizations. Customers praise us not only for our knowledge, but also for our practical attitude, we make the theory applicable. In addition, our aim to transfer knowledge to the customer is appreciated.

We are looking for

We are looking for colleagues with experience to fill the role of senior SE consultant for Dutch Boosting Group. Many of our customers require an extra boost in the field of systems thinking, Systems Engineering or SE. Do you want to use your extensive knowledge and experience to further develop cool projects, teams or organizations with colleagues and customers? Are you able to be coaching in the team in addition to content? Then we challenge you to contact us.

About our work

Dutch Boosting Group gives complex challenges a boost. These are carried out more efficiently, sustainably or with less inconvenience to residents. We contribute to future-proof solutions for people and the environment. For example, we are working on large projects in the context of energy transition, such as setting up a hydrogen chain from production to use and strengthening energy grids to facilitate the transition. We also do a lot of infrastructure projects such as urban development, making cities sustainable and climate-proof. So it makes sense.

About us

We are an organization with approximately 25 employees and work according to the principles of self-organization / self-management. We call this a “cyane” organization, which means that within DBG there are no classic hierarchical management lines. We distinguish ourselves by the following 5 core values; trust as a starting point, smarter by working together, taking control, eye for each other and being strong by yourself. This also reflects system thinking, each colleague is part of the bigger picture, DBG. Each colleague has one or more roles with corresponding responsibilities. This gives us the opportunity to quickly adapt to the (customer) needs and gives colleagues a lot of responsibility and freedom to arrange their work themselves.

It is never boring with us. We keep thinking about why we do something and how we can improve it. We are a growing organization with strong ambitions, both on a business level and on an organizational level. We operate from various regions in the Netherlands.

We are an enthusiastic group of passionate colleagues. With a nice mix of knowledge, expertise and experience. We do things together and help each other to develop further.

About you

Systems Engineering is a natural way of working for you and you have at least 12 years of work experience and 5 years as a Systems Engineer. You are higher educated (HBO / WO).

In addition, you can contribute to the development of the organization, you invest in yourself and colleagues. Because we develop together.


You are the boss in your own role and in the precise interpretation of your roles within the Dutch Boosting Group. The responsibilities that you fill in your activities consist in any case of:

– Contributing to the acquisition of assignments
– Using your experience in the field of Systems Engineering when carrying out assignments
– Bringing your assignments to a good result together with your colleagues
– It monitoring the quality of products delivered within your assignments
– Planning your own work
– Conducting self-evaluation
– Giving feedback to your colleagues and being able to receive feedback
– Professionalizing in assignments and within the organization
– When making decisions, you ask for advice where necessary and you keep in mind the purpose of the Dutch Boosting Group.

What can you expect from us

An enthusiastic group of passionate colleagues. With a nice mix of knowledge, expertise and experience. We do things together and help each other to develop further.

We regularly do fun things together. For example, we go “on the moor” twice a year, participate in sports activities or organize them ourselves. Often linked to a good cause. In addition, we of course provide good tools (laptop, phone, car, NS-business card, etc.), enough space for relaxation (30 vacation days based on a 40-hour working week), training opportunities and a good salary. Working part-time is perfectly possible with us. You have a lot of influence on your own development. Together we ensure that you feel like performing beautiful assignments!

The start date is in consultation, but our order book allows a quick start.


If this appeals to you, please send your response to applicants@dutchboostinggroup.nl or contact Erik van der Veer via phone number 0318 540 404. If there is a click from both sides, we would like to invite you to meet.