Are you enthusiastic about the power of Systems Engineering in your work and about the results you achieve with it? Do you already work with SE, but do you still find it difficult to get your colleagues involved in the working method? Do you want to get it more widely supported within your organization or project, so that the power of SE is used even better?
Are you curious how attitude and behavior connect procedures, methods and knowledge? Then the Success with SE training is the next step to reap the benefits of Systems Engineering.



Target Audience

The Success with SE training is a training intended for managers, project leaders, engineers and consultants who want to work with SE within a project or department together with colleagues. This training focuses on applying SE in an organization and is the link between & nbsp; being able to do (together) . So if you want to better involve colleagues and avoid resistance in the further implementation of SE, then this training is for you.

What can you do after this training?

After this training you will be able to recognize and inventory the necessary competences for a successful project from your organization or project. You can also look up the field of tension of SE’s theory and practice; the practice of SE requires a pragmatic approach to get people involved. You will be able to start the next battle in SE in your team: together working on the even more successful application of SE. This translates into more effective application of Systems Engineering and thus into higher integrality and quality of projects.

Structure of the training

The training consists of a training day, followed by a personal coaching conversation and a joint intervision afternoon. During the training day, we map out the bumps and experiences in applying SE. This SE practice helps to better understand the context of the success factors. We explore a number of change management principles that provide tools for better cooperation in practice. We use the afternoon to make a plan for your situation: required competences, a step-by-step plan and a personal assignment to make SE successful in the collaboration. In the coaching conversation we will discuss the successes and bumps you experience in practice and how you proceed. During the intervision afternoon, the participants share their experiences and we discuss the progress of the step-by-step plan.


Training day: Inquire directly about the next date
Personal coaching conversation: in consultation
Intervision afternoon: tbd


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