In the world of complex issues such as energy transition, neighborhood developments, quality of life and mobility, we sometimes come up against the limits of a project-based approach. Recognizable?
The project goals are clearly formulated, but are repeatedly questioned. Careful research has been done, but experts disagree on the conclusions. All the necessary information has been mapped out for the decision-makers, but they are still unable to find it. The result: decisions take too long to arrive, stakeholders keep bringing in new issues and the scope is moving in all directions. This may seem like an uncontrollable process, but it is not. It does require a different approach!


  • Dates: Sep 23 2020 – October 7, 2020 – October 28, 2020
  • Course language: Dutch
  • Costs: € 1795, –
  • Time: 09.00-17.00
  • Location: Veenendaal, Vendelier 57c

Process management offers methods and techniques to deal with uncertainties, dynamic environments, conflicting interests and viscous decision-making. In our new training “Process management in practice” you will learn how and when you can use this method to achieve results in an uncontrolled process. We do not limit ourselves to the theory from the booklets, but work with practice. In a group context you go through a realistic case in which matters such as network analysis, stakeholder engagement, decision-making processes, interventions and competences are discussed. You create and execute a process design.

Do you yourself have a situation in which decision-making is stalled, stakeholders drop out in the process and it seems that there will never be a solution with support? Enter this as a case and we will work on it together. This way you not only learn how a process approach can help you, you also experience the added value of process management directly by practicing with your own case.

The 3-day training has been developed and is offered by Dutch Boosting Group in collaboration with TU Delft and The Development Workshop. The extensive knowledge and experience of these three leading parties in the field of project and & nbsp; We have bundled process management in an interactive 3-day training.


– day 1: Network analysis and Stakeholder engagement strategy
-day 2: Decision making and Process design
– day 3: Intervention techniques, Competences of the process manager and Process implementation & nbsp;

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