Are you looking for a more systematic approach to your project and a method where the real customer needs are central?

Do you also know the challenges in your projects such as:
• What is the question behind the question?
• How do I visualize the complete issue?
• Who are the internal and external stakeholders and what do they want?
• How do we work with everyone the same truth?
• How do we develop the optimal system first time right?

Then an introduction to Systems Engineering is the solution for you.

You will learn to apply a structured working method based on system thinking. In doing so, we continuously check whether the cohesion of all parts of the solution still fits within the larger whole and meets the needs of the users.


  • Jun 2 – Jun 5 2020
  • Course language: Dutch
  • € 495, – Promotion rate for this online training
  • The online training consists of 3 half-days:
    Tue 2 June 2020: 13: 00-15: 30h
    Thu June 4, 2020: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
    Fri, June 5, 2020: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

What is Systems Engineering?

It may sound a bit technical, but in essence Systems Engineering is a working method based on system thinking: what is our system and how do we achieve optimal functioning within its environment?
In our training we work with appealing practical cases to explain what systems thinking actually is and how Systems Engineering works.

To give you an idea:

Frank’s cabinet is a recognizable practical example that contains all the essentials of Systems Engineering. Frank will make a cupboard in which he takes everyone’s interests into account, for example: what does his wife want to use the cupboard for? He considers the cupboard as a system within a larger whole: the household. He is already thinking about the future: how can the cabinet be built and, if necessary, easily removed again. He records this in requirements and continuously tests this. Frank mainly ensures that he works explicitly and develops an optimal cupboard. He continuously wonders whether the cabinet (still) meets the needs of the users. These are the essentials of Systems Engineering.

In short:
Systems Engineering is not reserved for large, complex and technical projects. Everyone has to deal with it in daily life. And how that can add value to your project, we will teach you in this training.

Why to choose for Dutch Boosting Group?

We are system thinkers to the core and an authority in the application of Systems Engineering. Our field of work consists of leading clients such as TenneT, Schiphol, Rijkswaterstaat, various provinces, municipalities and water boards. And also contracting parties such as Dura Vermeer, Arcadis and Balance.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you. We have developed an online training based on the Leidraad Systems Engineering, supplemented with our many years of practical experience and our vision on systems thinking. So you can get started right away!

During the training we will discuss the following

– Explanation of systems thinking
– The essentials of Systems Engineering
– Identifying the Customer demand & nbsp;
– Specifying and designing
– Verification and Validation
– Relationship to Contracts
– Do’s and Don’ts


Some quotes from participants:

We are proud of the results of previous online training. The average rating is 8.5!

“Everything is in there. It looks good in terms of content. ”

“Good training with much information that can be applied / used.”

“Easily applicable to the situation we are currently working on.”

“Had doubts about doing this online. But well done! ”

Practical Information Online training

We have a special promotional rate for this online training: € 495, – (ex. VAT).
The training normally costs € 695 (ex. VAT) per person.
You will receive a Certificate of Participation. afterwards.
The e-learning can also be followed separately for € 75 (excl. VAT) per person.

The training is divided as follows:
– E-Learning (approx. 1.5 hours)
– Webinar 1: Customer question
– Webinar 2: Systems Thinking
– Webinar 3: Requirements and Verification

You start with an e-learning that you go through independently. The theory of Systems Engineering is conveyed with simple examples. The e-learning is mandatory in preparation prior to the training itself. As a result, the basics are already known and we can deepen during the classroom webinars.

Each webinar lasts 2 hours and consists of approximately 75 minutes of theory and interaction with the teacher and 45 minutes of practice with the material in smaller groups. The teaching materials and necessary documents are available in the digital learning environment. After each webinar you deliver your output in this environment. The teacher provides this with feedback.

Number of participants:
We keep the groups small. To give everyone the necessary attention, a maximum of 20 participants participate. We also work in small groups during the training.

We can also provide the Introductory Systems Engineering training in-company.

Do you have any questions, or would you like to register immediately? We are waiting for you. Call 0318 540 404 or email . You can also use the form below.

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