Do you already know the principles of SE and would you like to get started with the SE techniques? Does your project need an “SE boost”, but you’re not sure how? Then our in-depth training “getting started with SE techniques” is exactly the training you are looking for!


During the training “Getting started with SE techniques” you will learn how to control the project content with SE. We will extensively discuss the development of systems that optimally meet customer demand. This practical training will make you skilled in short time with SE techniques in the different phases of a project. Both from a client and a contractor perspective.

During the 3-day training sessions we zoom in on the “technical processes” of Systems Engineering. By that we mean:

– The requirements-design verification loop;
– Analyzing systems, functions and interfaces;
– Formulating and interpreting requirements;
– Making design considerations and an offer;
– Making plans and reports;
– Dealing with deviations and changes.

We will also work with tooling (Relatics) for capturing and structuring information.

You can enter your own project as a practical case, then the training will immediately yield useful results for your project team. And if you register as a team, you will receive a nice discount. If you want to read more information, read this whitepaper (PDF) (in Dutch) .

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