Dutch Boosting Group aims to contribute to valuable, future-proof solutions for people and the environment. We are therefore proud to give a boost to complex projects of our customers such as TenneT. For example, at the beginning of 2019 we started implementing Systems Engineering (SE) at TenneT on the “Net op zee IJmuiden Ver” project as part of the 2GW program.

With our SE approach, we provide overview and clarity in large projects such as IJmuiden Ver. The Netherlands is switching to clean energy. Wind energy from offshore wind farms plays a key role in this. In 2030, 40% of the electricity in the Netherlands will be supplied by the offshore wind farms. Just at sea IJmuiden Ver makes an important contribution to this.

This introductory film by Net op zee IJmuiden Ver explains more about this special project.

Questions about this project? Please contact:

Robert Schuttinga +31631953669 robert.schuttinga@dutchboostinggroup.nl
Bart van Luling +31625086980 bart.van.luling@dutchboostinggroup.nl