When we have a small renovation at home, it does not always go right the first time. You probably recognize that, there is always something that can be improved. The light switch is not quite where your partner wanted it or the plumber is already at the door while the tiles in the bathroom have yet to be put. I have experienced it all, despite my extensive experience in projects. Fortunately, it will eventually be resolved … with a small (financial) concession here and there

Why am I telling this?

I work daily on large projects that have social impact and that involve a lot of money. Things like this also happen there, only the consequences are a lot bigger. Budgets are exceeded, the schedule is not met and upon delivery of the project it is not due to the safety inspection. The consequences are enormous and what I find worst: it costs our society a lot of unnecessary money!

If only I had used a systematic way of working: Systems Engineering.

System thinking works

Systematic working and thinking helps by looking in detail and step by step at all facets of the system to be built, both the smallest parts and the whole. Make explicit what it must meet and check whether it meets. And the most important question: does the system to be built meet the needs of the customer? How often do you ask this question, only at the end or at the first choice moments?These are all features of Systems Engineering (SE): a structured working method based on systems thinking, in which it is continuously checked whether the cohesion of all parts still fits within the larger whole and meets the needs of the users.

We want things to go well in one go and the complexity of projects to be manageable. So that the project does not proceed according to the principle of “management by surprise” but becomes predictable and repair work and failure costs are avoided. And no matter how big or small your project is, applying SE always has added value, I learned that at my own renovation at home. It is not without reason that more and more clients in different sectors ask for Systems Engineering to manage their projects.

Do you want to apply systems thinking?

Would you like to know more? Then you are at the right place at Dutch Boosting Group. There system thinkers work to the core with years of practical experience in applying Systems Engineering. With large and small projects, with public and private clients. The diversity of our field is very wide, but the principle of our working method is always based on the same basis:

  • We work explicitly and structured;
  • We work from coarse to fine;
  • We involve the entire life cycle;
  • With the aim of to meet customer needs in an optimal way.

We do this with pleasure, passion and conviction and above all based on practice. We are not theorists, but we are practitioners. At Dutch Boosting Group the majority of our systems thinkers work in practice.

We share our knowledge

And because we like to improve the world of projects, we love to share our knowledge. In such a way that it is directly applicable to you.

That starts with our e-learning that explains the basics of SE in a light-hearted manner in 1.5 hours. If you need more information, the training “Getting to know SE” is a good way to get to know and practice the a-z method. This is now also available in an online version.

And if you really want to continue as a Systems Engineer who can supervise a project yourself, we have a 3-day in-depth training “Getting started with SE” in which you can also work out your own case.

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