Introducing myself..

I am Jeroen Reessink and I have been working for Dutch Boosting Group for over 5 years now. A great company with inspiring and innovative professionals! I write this blog because I would like to share my experiences regarding the use of a hydrogen car. Recently I am the proud user of a Hyundai NEXO!

The electrically powered SUV Hyundai NEXO with a fuel cell can travel no less than 665 kilometers (according to WLTP) on a full tank of hydrogen. In addition, the NEXO is completely emission-free. This means that no harmful substances (CO2) are released while driving. All the NEXO emissions are… water!


The NEXO has a high degree of self-managing intelligence, I read in the brochure. I wonder what that will be like. When it comes to self-management, I am primarily thinking of the operating system of our company Dutch Boosting Group. I am convinced that self-management has made an important contribution to the lease of the NEXO. How then will you wonder?

Well, 2 years ago, Dutch Boosting Group switched from a traditional hierarchical structure to a self-steering mechanism. It took some getting used to for employees, managers and owners of the company. And we are still learning to let our company work optimally (and always will be :-)) Self-management is about giving everyone in the company the freedom to do whatever they think is good for it. company. Management will then become superfluous.

On the other hand, that freedom also includes a dose of responsibility for your functioning. This does not mean that everyone can make decisions on their own. A simple decision-making process has been set up for this, which basically boils down to: taking initiative, seeking advice on the relevant roles (eg finances, P & O), room for clarifying questions, test against core question “is this damaging the company?”. If no objection is raised, the initiative may be worked out. The main difference with traditional hierarchical management is that the initiator remains the owner of his / her idea. There is no request for approval from management, no the idea is basically good and it is only tested whether there is objection to the idea after consultation of the relevant roles. The starting point is therefore trust!

Personally, this gives me an enormous drive to advance the idea and make it successful! It gives room to entrepreneurship. In 2017, colleague Matthijs Kluis and I opened a Dutch Boosting Group branch in Groningen in this way, which is progressing successfully.

What did it take to order the NEXO? My lease term ends in September 2019, which is why I was looking for a new lease car. I think it is important with a new car that it harms the environment as little as possible and that the monthly costs are acceptable. After 5 years of driving a nice economical car, I prefer an electric car. No matter how small a contribution, I want to lower my footprint. Also as DBG, we are involved in many initiatives and projects that contribute to making the living environment more sustainable and the energy transition. By helping to make our fleet more sustainable, we are promoting what we stand for.

In February, I analyzed the market and came to the conclusion that the flush is quite thin in electric cars that could be delivered in September 2019. Tesla Model 3 is an option, but then the dog can not go in the trunk (in an animal-friendly way). A colleague informed me about a hydrogen car. Pricey, but very interesting in the addition (4%). And what about refueling and the range then? Let’s find out …

After browsing the internet, my interest in the Hyundai NEXO grew. A test drive in February was the result at Hyundai dealer Groenewold & amp; Dijkhuizen in Delfzijl. Owner Kim Groenewold tells me that the range is approximately 600 km and that there are a number of petrol stations in the region (Delfzijl, Groningen, Assen). In addition, 20 hydrogen filling stations will be available in the Netherlands by 2020.

Then the car: & nbsp; what a car! The automatic transmission and electric drive make the way of driving more a gliding flight over the road. The interior and controls increase that feeling even more and makes you suspect that you are in a kind of spaceship. It should be clear: I was sold. Now the rest.

I came to a concept deal with the relevant role holders within the company (vehicle fleet, finance, business operations, P & amp; O), the so-called advisory round. The main motive here is that as DBG we want to make our fleet more sustainable and I myself am intrinsically motivated to drive a sustainable car. Nice those motives, but how are we going to finance that?

Yes, an important aspect in self-management is transparency … See here: The lease amount per month is approximately 1140 euros, which is approximately 250 euros more than our permitted lease amount. As a result of the low 4% addition for the entire purchase value of 83,000 euros, I only pay approx. 140 euros per month in addition. The deal that was made for this pilot means that both DBG and I will fund the difference of 250 euros. I will provide the car with subtle advertising, write a blog and actively contribute to PR communication around the sustainability of the DBG fleet.

After a short consultation in the Business Circle, the NEXO order could be started! Again a good example of the quick decision-making ability of a self-managing organization.

So far my first blog about the decision making around NEXO. In my next blog I will discuss my first experiences with the NEXO!