The direct reason for the Schiphol Tunnel Safety project is the Tunnel Act (Warvw). This law states that existing road traffic tunnels must comply with the legal guidelines for the expiry of the transitional arrangement on 1 May 2019. Schiphol has two tunnel systems that fall under this regime: the Tunnel System Buitenveldertbaan and the Tunnel System Kaagbaan.

In order to comply with the legal guidelines, the layout of the existing tunnels must be adapted, including expansion of the existing technical areas, adjustments to the operating locations in the Control Center (RC), adjustments in the access roads and the preparation of the safety documentation including training and education of maintenance and operating personnel for the purpose of the opening permit.

Dutch Boosting Group BG drew up the Demand Specification Part 2 (Process requirements) for the Tunnel Safety Schiphol project, ready for tendering. In addition, the Dutch Boosting Group was also responsible for completing the annexes as part of the Basic Agreement in accordance with
UAV-gc 2005.