Schiphol Group Nederland is working on the development of the ‘A-area’ (A-pier and Terminal) to increase the capacity of passenger handling. DBG guides and supports the project team area A in applying Functional Specification. DBG supports the project team in the correct application of this working method by drawing up the approach, giving presentations and supervising work sessions. In addition, DBG supports the drafting and management of the functional specifications by means of a requirements database in Relatics (template developed by DBG). This has led to customer specifications from various stakeholders, a Top specification for the entire A-area, Verification report of the Planning Concept and System specifications for the various sub-projects within the A-area (Landside infrastructure, Terminal-Corridor-Pier, Airside, Baggage system, Parking). A Demand Specification Part 1 and Part 2 has also been drawn up for the Landside Infrastructure and DBG has conducted the interviews in the context of BVP (Best Value Procurement). For other subprojects, the Demand Specifications are elaborated for different contract forms.