With the Local Railways Act, the legislator has created a legal instrument atrium to guarantee the safety of local railway infrastructure (asset) and passengers (operation). The Act leaves much room for the administrative bodies, administrators and transport companies to further develop this legal instrument of a Safety Management System for the management and operation of local tracks. In order to guarantee the safety of the employees, the equipment and therefore the safety of the travelers, it is necessary that the business processes, the associated identified safety risks and the prepared control measures are laid down in an integrated Safety System.

The reason for the request to the Dutch Boosting Group to update the Safety System was the renovation and adaptation at the GVB location in Diemen. The requested part of the integral Safety System (PLAN) for the Dutch Boosting Group consists of an inventory and description of the work processes, the safety instructions, the RI & amp; E, and the associated (management) measures for the Pit Wheel Lathe, Line Workshop 1 and 2 and the Emplacement at the GVB location Diemen. With the Safety System, the CFP continuously identifies the risks, implements improvements, lays down the safety policy, evaluates and continuously adapts it.