Due to the arrival of the new Uithoflijn in Utrecht, the number of Light Rail vehicles has expanded. The old tram depot was no longer sufficient in terms of capacity and was outdated. A renewed and more spacious workshop with new sidings was built on the location of the old tram depot. The new workshop is suitable for the current equipment and the new CAF vehicles that will be driving in the Utrecht region.

For this new workshop it was necessary to carry out an Risk Inventory and Evaluation in the context of safety, together with users, designers and the administrators. This RI&E forms, among other things, the basis for the work processes. In 2017 Dutch Boosting Group were given the assignment to carry out an RI&E and to map out, supplement and make explicit the work processes. The results of this work have been laid down in a Safety Report for the NTR and transferred to the province of Utrecht.

In May 2019, we received an additional order from the province of Utrecht to draw up work instructions as part of the NTR Safety System. These work instructions enable employees working in the new tram depot to be able to carry out their work in a safe manner.

We used the Functional Flow Block Diagram drawn up in 2018 as the starting document for drawing up the required work instructions. Based on this Block Diagram, we have determined and drawn up the actual work instructions required in consultation with the employees of the province of Utrecht.

This constructive collaboration ultimately resulted in the required new work instructions and an adapted Block Diagram with which we successfully completed this beautiful project.