By using fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal, the earth is heating up and our climate is changing. To counter this, the Netherlands is switching to renewable energy from wind, sun and geothermal energy. New wind farms will be built at sea between 2024 and 2030. TenneT is responsible for connecting these wind farms to the onshore grid, so that the energy generated can be used.

Dutch Boosting Group has been asked to draw up an Action Plan and to implement this plan in collaboration with the IJmuiden VER project team.

The Plan consists of a further description of the SE approach to the desired level of detail, including templates and tools. 

Secondly, the Plan contains an analysis of the delta between the intended SE method and the current level of knowledge of the TenneT employees involved within the IJV project. 

Thirdly, the Plan describes the training need for the IJV project and an elaboration of the organizational structure. 

Fourth, the Plan specifies the PvA by defining the SE work packages for each project phase and establishing their sequence.
Finally, the results of a short review round with those involved are included in the Plan.

This Plan forms the basis for the implementation of the plan development of the IJV project, whereby DBG colleagues are included in the IJV project team.