by Eline van den Hombergh

I have been working in consultancy for 4.5 years, which often means: many different customers, regularly on the road, many different balls to keep up. And I like that!

Then what is the problem I hear you think …

I write enture books ! I like to write and draw; notes, phone numbers, pictures, schedules, smileys and wire figures while on the phone.

Our purpose is “We contribute to valuable future-proof solutions for people and the environment” and when I look in the office bin? Then I see notebooks and scraps.

Fortunately nowadays you have very hip, beautiful and practical solutions for this waste problem and we have chosen Bambook. And this is it!

And to make the story even better, it has a cover of sustainable bamboo, is a made-in-Holland product, is manually assembled in Ede by people with a distance to the labor market and for every booklet planted a tree.

In short, a valuable future-proof solution! And that makes me happy. Every day I enjoy writing and drawing pages full of pages and at the end of my booklet… I wipe everything nice and start over again.