You turn on your laptop, go to and log in. It’s a busy day, get to work quickly!

At one of the first mouse clicks you see it and you wonder “why can’t I enter my requirements here? Why don’t I see feedback on my home screen? ”.

But like every day you are busy, you think: “it must be me” and you know a work-around.

NO, STOP! Today is not like every day, it’s not up to you and workarounds take way too much time. You climb into the phone, call the support desk and within 5 minutes the “bugs” are solved.

That was easy!

On October 26 during the joint lunch you will be crowned the winner of the BUG-FINDER cup. Congratulations Bart van Luling! Thank you for your attention and for sifting mosquitoes.

At Devise, we value mosquito sifting in such a way that we create a jar for it. We want to improve continuously. We make and maintain a product that should make your daily work more efficient. Do you use Devise and do you want to win? Call 0318-749915 and report your bugs!

Devise is a subsidiary of Dutch Boosting Group and Invention Design, which specializes in setting up and managing Relatics environments. We also have the ambition to offer a broader package of software. This includes planning software, 3d CAD and GIS, document management, etc.