Driving a hydrogen car is a bit of a pioneer. The nice thing about pioneering is that it paints a special bond with fellow pioneers. Experiences, tensions and new developments are often shared in various WhatsApp groups. Especially the group “Hydrogen filling stations NL” is one to keep an eye on, if you just feel the need to refuel. In this group, the current information is shared regarding availability / disruptions at the hydrogen filling stations in the Netherlands. Okay, not quite as professional as the German H2.Live App, but the medium works.

Jeroen Reessink: It is Saturday evening and I come across a special call in the Whats-App group. Carl Holthausen asks if anyone would like to lend their hydrogen car to the Mayor of Groningen, Mr. Schuiling, in the coming midweek. The mayor will speak at a hydrogen conference in Hamburg and would like to arrive there in an appropriate “water-based” manner. Without hesitation, I respond to my citizen’s request with the aim of promoting the hydrogen transition. In addition, one of the conditions for being allowed to drive the car, being used for promotional purposes (see my 1st blog), is also being given proper form.

Sunday morning with the family having breakfast, I tell the mayor to drive our car. And of course why he wants to, because it is never too early to talk about the need for energy transition. Together with the children we clean and vacuum the car inside and then take a trip to the car wash. In the back seat a display of bottles of water, rolls of mint and of course some merchandise from Dutch Boosting Group. You can only make a wrong impression once :-).

‘The transfer will take place on Tuesday morning at the town hall in Groningen. After a pleasant acquaintance with Mr. Schuiling and his driver, a short explanation follows and of course a photo opportunity. On the way to Hamburg with a full tank of hydrogen, thanks to Holthausen. A single journey of 300 km is well within the range of a full tank (approx. 550 km), and there are also petrol stations on the way in Bremen (2 pcs.) And Hamburg (4 pcs.). Gute Fahrt ‘

During the trip, I am frequently informed of developments. The journey went well as did the refueling in Hamburg: “Wir sind ganz abgefullt mit 700 Wunderbar.

‘Mr Schuiling’s speech was followed with great attention and interest. Groningen and Hamburg combine knowledge, strength and technology to become the European top region in the field of green hydrogen. Ambitions have been expressed, interesting connections have been made and, icing on the cake, the municipality of Groningen wins the prize for the most efficient trip on hydrogen to Hamburg! The Germans love the Hyundai Nexo and there is serious bidding on the car, because it is limited in the short term.

Fortunately, I can safely and unharmed wait for my car and our mayor. At home, the children are proud that our City has won an award with our car. Afterwards there is a disagreement as to who can sit in the back seat in the mayor’s seat.