Unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen does not produce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, but only water as a residual product.

That is why the Dutch Boosting Group is commissioned by the Municipality of Veenendaal and in collaboration with the BOV to investigate the (potential) interest of companies within the municipality of Veenendaal in hydrogen for the benefit of mobility. This could include hydrogen tank facilities, passenger transport and (heavy) transport. We are going to develop a hydrogen network, by bringing together enthusiastic companies who want to get started with Hydrogen and contribute to “an energy-neutral Veenendaal in 2035.”

The first meet-up will take place for members of the hydrogen network in mid-2020. Are you interested in participating in this network, or would you simply like to know more about this initiative? Then please contact the Sustainability consultants of Dutch Boosting Group: ir. Dina El Filali via dina.el.filali@dutchboostinggroup.nl or Joost Verheijen via joost.verheijen@dutchboostinggroup.nl .

Driving hydrogen cars does not cause local pollution, which is favorable with future environmental zones and stricter legislation in urban areas. In addition, Hydrogen as an energy carrier has the potential to contribute to the CO2 reduction targets, for which financial stimulus instruments are made available at both national and European level. The use of hydrogen not only makes it possible to drive “CO2 and energy neutral”, but also reduces noise nuisance.

And there is more. Hydrogen is an ideal alternative to long-haul vehicles and can play a major role in the energy transition. Generating energy from renewable energy sources such as wind, sun, water (sea) and biomass can contribute much to a climate-neutral world. However, matching demand to supply appears to be complex. In the transition to a sustainable energy system, hydrogen as an energy carrier appears to be an ideal solution to bridge this gap between supply and demand. According to Prof. Thanks to the possibilities of converting existing or new vehicles, Ad van Wijk of TU Delft can serve as “mobile green energy”. (read more )

Excited? Think and talk about the opportunities of hydrogen in this region and mail to dina.el.filali@dutchboostinggroup.nl or joost.verheijen@dutchboostinggroup.nl or contact park manager Sijmen van Dommelen via parkmanager@boveenendaal.nl .

Dina El Filali and Joost Verheijen