It’s autumn! Do you also enjoy our beautiful nature and the colors that autumn brings? We do! Let’s make a delicious start of the day with a brisk walk, just ‘grounding’.

Friday morning 8.15 am, Kwintelooyen (Rhenen). The birds are just starting to whistle, the parking lot is still empty. Dew drops on the grass, fog over the fields, red leaves on the trees and on the ground. What the forest smells and sounds wonderful in the fall.

My colleagues are there at 8.30 am. We can get started. Please continue, because there is still work to be done today! World politics are discussed, autumn holiday plans are shared and we long for the first cup of coffee at the viewpoint. Ohh, ahh, WOW!

Hey, can we see our office from here too? No, but the windmills… We will discuss the energy transition in the office shortly. Is hydrogen the future?

Fancy a walk? Just do it! Because did you know that walking and being outside is super good for you? It gives you a boost. In addition to socializing with your colleagues and enjoying the scents and colors, nature does this with you:

– Improves your short term memory
– You experience less stress
– Reduces feelings of anxiety and depression
– Helps against fatigue (Huh? Really? Yes, scientifically proven)
– Improves your concentration
– You perform better on the creative level
– It lowers your blood pressure

And that in 45 minutes! I’m not that productive every day …