The Zuidelijke Ringweg in Groningen will be renovated considerably in the coming years. All this to improve the safety and traffic flow. Because the Ringweg (N7, A28) runs entirely through the City of Groningen, there is a lot of attention for integration into the environment. Since the planning study in 2011, the Dutch Boosting Group (formerly 2ndSense) has been involved in this complex project. In various roles, Boosters have contributed to the Client side Approach Ring South (cooperation Rijkswaterstaat, Province of Groningen, Municipality of Groningen): specifying the customer needs, verifying the manufacturability, contracting the Contractor.

Since May 2016, the work has been awarded to Combinatie Herepoort (CHP). Together with them we have had an eventful time. The controlled realization of this mega project in the urban area proves to be a difficult task. Workable conditions are created together with the Hertogh Committee. Boosters Matthijs Kluis and Jeroen Reessink are part of this process, which is characterized by: pursuing a common goal, having an eye for each other’s interests. But also: making conflicting interests open for discussion in a timely manner and jointly looking for solutions with an eye for each other’s contractual responsibilities. This working method suits the Boosters well, because there are many parallels with our own internal organization and manners.

This summer will be dominated by large-scale work on Ring South. For the construction of the Verdiepte Location in the N7, a 2.5 km sheet pile wall will be installed in urban areas with all the associated challenges. In these articles, Booster Jeroen Reessink and his counterpart of CHP discuss the upcoming activities:

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Preparing together for a “very tough job”
Vibrating the sheet piling for construction pit at recessed location will cause considerable nuisance