Working, at Dutch Boosting Group we always do this together. Sometimes things go well, sometimes things can be done better. Our colleague Johan Blankestijn worked together with René Esser on large-scale renovation of locks and bridges in the IJsselmeer region. That went so well that a book was written about it. Together of course.


Why bother when you can do it together?

Where exactly does it go wrong? According to Johan and René, there is often a lack of confidence. Too often in our industry we talk about ‘being in the competition’, as if we are working against the other party in the project. The client wants a dime in the first rank, and the contractor wants as much extra work as possible. But if we want to work together we have to start with a different starting point. We have to trust each other, starting with the assumption that we have the same goal. So we have no opponent, but rather a partner. The right slogan? One project, one team, one interest! & Nbsp;
If there is that confidence, we don’t have to lay everything down in rules beforehand, and we can solve problems together. This way we get to know each other better.

Hard and soft building blocks

Good cooperation between client and contractor is the key to success. Johan and René describe the building blocks which help make the house of cooperation increasingly solid. The house consists of soft and hard building blocks, both of which are crucial. The hard stones can be agreed with each other, such as the contract, joint risk management and the organization of the verification and validation process. The soft stones are much more personal in nature: being open and transparent, being roll-proof, challenging each other and humor are some of the building blocks.

Mixing hard and soft in the right way creates a house that is sturdy enough to be able to build high, but also flexible enough to remain standing when a strong wind picks up.

Because there is of course a headwind in every project, no plan survives the confrontation with reality unscathed. Then it is often the soft building blocks that keep the project on track.

In the book Johan and René share their vision of cooperation based on the project. Would you like to learn more about ultimate collaboration? Please contact Johan Blankestijn:

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