If you call Dutch Boosting Group, chances are you will get Alies Doornenbal on the line.

What makes Dutch Boosting Group so special for you?

“That is the culture. We are a young team, where everyone is enthusiastic and driven. We always ask “the why question”. Why do we do something, and why do we do it that way? And if we find a better way, we will adjust it immediately. In this way, we as a company keep getting better. ”

And what does a normal day look like?

“Well, it may be a cliché, but I never have a standard day. I always try to start updating the mail and determine the priorities for the day. But yes, as an office manager, so much comes to you every day, that the planning can often go to the trash before lunch. During the day the phone rings all day, colleagues come by with questions, I welcome visitors and there is always something special. ”

Sounds a bit chaotic …

“Right, but I like that! I have a great day when I have completed a lot of chores. If I only have two things to do and there is not much going on, I am less happy. ”

Do you have any advice for people who want to work at Dutch Boosting Group?

“Do it, but only if you have an active attitude, want to think along about your work and take responsibility. If you love getting orders and carrying them out, Dutch Boosting Group may not be the right company for you. The good news ? As an interim worker, you are certainly taken seriously at Dutch Boosting Group! “