We want to create added value for people and the environment. A good example is the high water channel between Veessen and Wapenveld. Keeping the IJssel in control if possible, and giving it space when necessary, will protect the environment in the event of incidents, while the space can be used at other times.

A story like this is often about technical figures. “De IJssel down 71 cm, a water channel of 857 ha, 17 km dike, 2 high water-free outcrops.” Impressive figures, right? For us, the most important number was 778,400 . That is the number of feet that will remain dry through this project. And that’s what we do it for.


We were allowed to boost this great project. The objective was ambitious: lower the water level of the IJssel and take into account liveability, safe connections and the wishes of the local economy. We have played different roles. By providing insight into the various ‘systems’ that intervene, the specifications for the project could be laid out clearly and correctly.

First of all, we have recorded all stakeholders, sentiments, requirements and wishes. After determining the requirements, the high water channel was chosen. Time to make the question more specific, with the requirements in hand. This automatically creates a system, in which it can always be checked later why we are doing something.

Complex solution

A high water channel is a complex piece of infrastructure. That is not due to the technology, which has been kept as simple as possible. More important is the impact on various stakeholders. Of course there are the administrative partners: Water Authority Vallei en Veluwe, the national government, the province of Gelderland, the municipality of Heerde and Room for the River. But especially the people and companies in the area, who have to move, of which the agricultural land has to be parceled. Technically a very nice challenge, and difficult (exciting) to realize that task with respect and understanding for the people in the area.

The solution? A water inlet with valves that can let the water through. This creates a dike that can be removed temporarily and in a controlled manner. An ‘extra river’ is then created, only when it is needed to process a lot of water. The water inlet is expected to open once per human life. This means that the technology must be future-proof. That is why the systems have been kept as simple and independent as possible

“We have translated the requirements into a contract that gives the contractor room to deliver his added value.”

Record, account and connect

So what is the contribution of Dutch Boosting Group? We have ensured that all wishes and requirements have been laid down and translated into a contract that gives the contractor space to deliver his added value. We then monitored that the agreements were met. Has what we have agreed on been built, with sufficient quality?

Dutch Boosting Group combines substantive knowledge and the expertise to systematically manage technical processes. We always look at the human dimension, be it residents or our official partners.

The high water channel is now operational. We think it is a wonderful project, of course, and we are not alone. De Hoogwatergeul Veessen – Wapenveld won the VAG plume 2016 , got the maximum score from the independent quality team and won the Concrete award 2017 in the category Wet Hydraulic Engineering.

From the jury report of the concrete award :

“This project brings us back fully into the tradition that Dutch engineers are good at. Controlling our water land. Here space is provided on the water while the natural and agricultural functions are preserved. Apparently, the need to reserve land for water buffering should not interfere with agricultural use. This prevents a lot of frustration in the agricultural sector. As has often been shown in the past, this kind of ingenious construction leads to beautiful landscape interventions. This suddenly gives the civil engineering concept of artwork its poetic meaning. ”

As Dutch Boosting Group, we have pride in awards, but above all in the sense of our work! It is wonderful to help realize such a huge project and see how it contributes to its environment.